SAIME (Società Anonima Industrie Materiali Edili) was founded in 1938 in the borough of Due Madonne in Sassuolo by the Gambigliani Zoccoli family, who acquired part of a company from the Siliprandi family, which was originally founded by the Rubbiani family in the mid-nineteenth century.

    The Gambigliani Zoccoli family in conjunction with the expertise of Mr. Padoa, the engineer, developed the first porcelain stoneware production with innovative tunnel kilns replacing the old Hoffmann furnaces.

    During the Second World War SAIME was almost entirely destroyed by bombing. In the mid-sixties SAIME moved from the centre of Sassuolo to Maranello, where it is currently located. 

    Following a corporate crisis in 1987, SAIME was taken over by the Riwal group, and subsequently became one of the largest and most productive plants in the district.

    In 2007 SAIME, along with the entire Riwal group, (which at the time was also comprised of the commercial brands Alfa and San Prospero Lux) became part of the Casalgrande Padana group.

    With this last acquisition the SAIME brand absorbed the SAN PROSPERO brand while a process of radical transformation of the site began within the Maranello factory which, over 10 years’ time, led to the updating of almost all the equipment (with a total investment of approximately 50 million euros in equipment and construction work).

    Final plant renovations were completed in 2017, which included an innovative production line for ceramic panels.

    Today the Maranello plant is one of the leading plants of the Casalgrande Padana group, specialized in large size tiles. Our future development is that of a plant dedicated to the production of ceramic panels with a total capacity of 15,000 square meters/day, also equipped with an internal cutting and processing system.

    The aim of the latest investments is to strengthen the SAIME brand by expanding its offer of both traditional materials and the most innovative materials on the market.


    SAIME (全稱:Societa Anonima Industrie Materiali Edili) 是由Gambigliani Zoccoli家族于1938年在意大利薩索洛市的Due Madonne區創建的。他們從Siliprandi家族手中收購了一家最初由Rubbiani家族在19世紀中期創立的公司其中一部分股份。


    第二次世界大戰期間,SAIME的設施遭受轟炸,幾近完全摧毀。戰爭過后60年代中期,SAIME從薩索洛市市中心搬到了現在的所在地 - 馬拉內洛鎮。1987年,SAIME被Riwal集團收購,隨即成為該地區中最大、生產效率最高的工廠之一。

    2007年SAIME和整個Riwal集團 (當時旗下包括商業品牌San Prospero 、Alfa和Lux[即現時品牌Alfalux的前身])再次被收購,隨即成為Casalgrande Padana集團的成員。

    這場收購帶動SAIME吸收了品牌San Prospero,同時牽起了工廠的一次大改造, 幾乎替換了所有設備。最后一次的工廠翻修在2017年完成,其中包括設立一條創新的陶瓷巖板生產線。逾10年間,設備和施工的總投資額達到約5000萬歐元。

    現在,SAIME 位于馬拉內洛的工廠是Casalgrande Padana集團主要生產基地之一,專門生產大型巖板產品。 








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